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Are you ready to be introduced to a world of unique products and businesses?

ChicExecs is honored and excited to introduce you to our new "out of the box" system that our PR team has spent over a year concepting and developing for YOU, our media friends. We bring you: ChicExecs PR Media and Client Social Network!

We have a database of over 80 clients, where you can directly request samples, download high res images and information and so much more all with just the click of a button! And the greatest part is that it is absolutely FREE, all you have to do is sign up! Our website is easy to navigate and gives you access to all of the newest and freshest information on products from categories such as Home & Garden, Fashion, Beauty, Pets, Family, and more.

Be sure to take advantage of our newest website feature where media can post queries for stories, reviews, or editorials for our clients to see. So, take a minute and join our system that so many media outlets have already been using!

Note: This information will be viewed by the Client when you request samples.

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I agree that I will not solicit to any of ChicExecs clients and will provide honest and positive reviews of their products. I agree to not re-sell the product once I am finished with my feature.

As a ChicExecs Media Member I will use the messaging or "featured" option to notify the client if their product was published. I agree to provide the client with a link, jpeg, mp3, etc of the featured product for their reference. I will also use the options to notify the client even if the product was not featured and may consider sending back the sample if there was no feature. By acknowledging this agreement, I hereby certify that I understand the preceding terms and provisions and that I accept the responsibility of adhering to the same. I further acknowledge that should I violate this agreement, I will be removed from the ChicExecs PR System.